Amherst Magazine, Fall 2008


Dr Drew
Dr. Hollywood
A Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer spends the day with Drew Pinsky ’80—the Dr. Drew of Loveline and Celebrity Rehab fame—to find out what he's like when the cameras are off.
By Debby Applegate ’89
Dr. Drew

Lord Jeff
The Very Model of a Modern Major General
What does Lord Jeffery Amherst have in common with today's military brass? More than you’d think.
By Kevin Sweeney

How Does It Feel?
Five new Amherst students share the essays that helped get them into college. Each essay, in some way, is about connections—to family, to strangers, even to Bob Dylan.

College Row
Amherst launches fundraising campaign—Race and class in real life—The strange journey of Newton's fireplace—Willing to grow hair (starting now)—Guess how many students have a landline?—And more

From the Folger
How to teach Shakespeare

My Life
Jonathan Friedman, associate professor of physics

Eight breakout athletes

Amherst Creates
Catching up with Rob Brown ’08E—Richard Todd '62's new memoir—Essays by DeWitt Henry ’63

What They Are Reading
Maria Heim, associate professor of religion


Lives of Consequence
Emily Todd ’89

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