Amherst Magazine, Spring 2009

Flowers on the Water
The USS Grunion's official designation was "overdue, presumed lost" for more than 60 years. Then John Abele ’59 and his brothers undertook to find it. By Rand Richards Cooper ’80
Baseball’s Ph.D.s
For many decades, Amherst baseball teams have dominated their principal rivals. In so doing, they're extending a glorious debut 150 years ago, when the Lord Jeffs clobbered Williams in the first intercollegiate baseball game. By Roger M. Williams ’56
The Experiment
Yutaka Tamura ’94 is betting that a tough-love middle school in gritty East Boston can get 90 percent of its graduates to apply to college. By Katie Bacon ’93

College Row
The endowment hit and what it means A famous poet returns — Students donate $100,000 — Will the recession make us less happy? —  And more

From the Folger
"Julius Caesar Comes to Harlem"

My Life
Judith Frank, professor of English

Better for it

Amherst Creates
Love and deception across the color line — Fashion design by Elaine Perlov '91 — A memoir by Harold Varmus '61  — The lonely self  

What They Are Reading
Paola Zamperini, assistant professor of Asian languages and civilizations


Lives of Consequence
Eliza Auerbach '99

Back Cover
Junk mail and textbooks aren't the only items to pass through the college post office. "We get big-screen TVs, tires. We had a kayak come in last week,"  says Amherst Postmaster Donald Kells. He also gets his own mail—postcards from students and alumni he's known over the years. "I feel almost like a bartender at the counter," he says. "Everybody has a story to tell." Explore the post office in this slideshow.