Winter 2010


Risky Business
Darius Lakdawalla ’95 is a health economist who’s also taken up the analysis of terrorism—including the dangers at the airport. His findings—for example, that terrorists behave rationally—may have implications around the world. By Roger M. Williams ’56


The Perfect Season
Fans poured from the stands. In the locker room, it was madness. Amherst’s first win at Williams since 1985 gave the program an undefeated season and its first outright NESCAC title. By Justin Long
The Sizanani Effect
For Thandiwe, a 17-year-old South African, the worst part of having HIV is how she got it: she was raped. When poverty, AIDS and rape are everyday facts of life, can sleepaway camp make a difference? By Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne ’01  

“The Off-Brand Conservative”—Martin Vogel’s lonely quest—Closeted at Amherst—Zeke Emanuel and health care reform—And more

College Row
The last Nazi war-crimes trial—The law says you sing “Lord Jeff”—The newest college major—Plant sex—Carbon monoxide and missed school—And more

How pigeons helped change everything

My Life
Allen Guttmann, Emily C. Jordan Folger Professor of English and American studies

With three star seniors, 2010 could mark a return to softball’s glory days

Amherst Creates
SAG President Ken Howard ’66—The man behind the flash mob—Off-Off-Amherst—Essays by William H. Pritchard ’53

What They Are Reading
Suzanne R. Coffey, director of athletics

Lives of Consequence

Back Cover

Let me play among the stars

Preston Rogers Bassett, an inventor from the Class of 1913, decided when he retired to give away every dime he’d ever earned. In the early years of the Space Race, when planetariums were going up all over the country, he donated Amherst’s Bassett Planetarium, which projects onto its domed ceiling some 1,500 images—all the stars visible to the naked eye, plus a few other objects. For an audio slide show of the planetarium, click here.

Photo by Samuel Masinter '04