A pretty well authenticated [college] tradition tells of many quaint societies . . . . Of the convivial class, was the Society, whose headquarters were in the cellar of Middle (now North) College. Rooms were secretly fitted up in this underground apartment, and its culinary fixtures were said to be quite complete. The entrance was by a concealed trap door, and so secret were its proceedings, that, for years, their midnight banquets escaped the notice of vigilant officials. However, it was at last discovered, in consequence of the trap door being accidentally left open, and President Humphrey [Heman Humphrey, Amherst president, 1823 to 1845] was the first one to enter and explore the mysteries of the place. The wine kegs, chicken bones, bottles, etc., found amid the debris, told wondrous tales. It is said that this society was known as the H.E.O.T.T. Society, which motto being interpreted would read, "Ho Every One That Thirsteth!"

—from Student Life at Amherst College: Its Organizations, Their Membership and History (Amherst, 1871)