Profiles in Philanthropy: Everett W. MacLennan ’55

Little did Everett MacLennan ’55 know when he saw Amherst for the first time in the early 1950s that today he would look back at a life-long association with the College on the Hill. Nor that three of his four children also would be graduates.

Ev cherishes Amherst, and he is proud that he has been able to give back in many ways: with his time (class president and associate agent, and president of the Society of the Alumni) and through his financial support (1821 Society Annual Fund donor, establishment of a family scholarship fund, and Johnson Chapel Associate).

His fondest memories center on football, especially his teammates with whom he has maintained close connections to this day. Not wishing to leave an impression that his interests were only athletic, Ev also remembers several professors who contributed greatly to his development, from Professors Nelson and Collery in Economics, to Professors Ziegler in Political Science and Salmon and Packard in History. Continuing a theme so prevalent on this page, he also says it was Amherst that provided the foundation for his success later in life.

Employment success was with one company, Cargill of Minneapolis, for which Ev worked uninterrupted for 42 years until his retirement in 1997 as Senior Vice President of Human Resources. Today, Ev enjoys his family, golf, travel and reading—and, he never ceases to remind us, his beloved Boston Red Sox.

Thoughts on giving to Amherst: “Amherst helped my family with scholarship assistance, and my undergraduate experience shaped my life. I was blessed to work for a successful company that grew and prospered, and Amherst is my first thought when making decisions about charitable contributions."

To learn more about how you might support Amherst, contact: Timothy A. Neale ’70, Director of Gift Planning, Amherst College, Amherst, MA 01002-5000; (413) 542-8256;;

Photo: Frank Ward