A  few weeks before they graduated, we asked members of the Class of 2010 to tell us about their favorite course at Amherst, their favorite spot on campus or the most memorable day of college. Here’s what three of them said:

Robyn Bahr ’10: My favorite class was probably “Women in Judaism” with Professor Niditch, which cemented my late-in-the-game decision to add women’s and gender studies as a major. After the childhood torture that was Hebrew school, I never expected that I’d actually enjoy reading from the Torah or the Talmud as an adult. We also studied some incredible books and films that came to heavily influence my creative writing thesis.

One favorite study spot: the bench outside the Octagon

Kate Ward ’10: The most memorable day: winning New Englands [in rowing] in May of freshman year. It was a beautiful day, and crossing that finish line first was one of the greatest feelings ever, almost as good as seeing us pass all the other NESCAC schools, especially Bowdoin.

Megan Zapanta ’10: Freshman year my favorite study spot was the bench outside of the Octagon. I lived in North, and the bench was a quiet spot just outside my back door where I could read and watch the sunset. I had been so homesick for sun in the winter that I spent every free second I could outside. Friends would wave on their way to sports practice and Tony Jack ’07 would stop and offer wise advice. Because we all lived in such close quarters in North, it was nice to have a spot that felt like my own.