Winter by the Numbers

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    Snow on Dec. 9, 2009, brought out the snowball fighters, including President Marx.
    Average February snowfall at Amherst: 12 inches
  • Gallons of environmentally friendly ice melter (which smells like soy sauce) sprayed on campus sidewalks each winter: 6,000
  • Estimated number of students’ boots that smell like soy sauce as a result: 3,400
  • Amherst ski team roster: 4 women, 10 men
  • College’s official thermostat setting, in degrees Fahrenheit: 68
  • Number of marshmallows roasted at the Cam­pus Center fireplace on Jan. 13, 2010: 600
  • Date of the first snowball fight of this academic year: Dec. 9, 2009
  • Gallons of Cheesy Potato Soup consumed in Valentine that day: 60
  • Inches of snow that fell on campus that day: 4

Sources: Amherst Weather Station, Facilities Department, Ski Team, Campus Center and Dining Services

Photo by Jessica Mestre '10