"They own it,” says Catherine Sanderson. “Virtually every student who’s done a senior thesis describes it as the capstone of their Amherst experience.”

Jack Baer '10 and Associate Professor of Psychology Catherine Sanderson

One of Professor Sanderson’s thesis advisees, Jack Baer ’10, agrees, calling his thesis project the ultimate academic challenge and a unique opportunity to “pick what you want to work on while working very closely with a professor.”

For Jack, a psychology major, this has entailed hours of reading and numerous meetings with his professor to hash out the subject and scope of his research. In the end, he will design, implement and present a new study that will add to the body of knowledge of his field, and will provide him an invaluable experience that will form the foundation of his future endeavors.

This degree of collaboration between professors and students, and this level of scholarly achievement in an undergraduate education, are distinguishing features of the Amherst experience. The Lives of Consequence campaign celebrates the accomplishments of the faculty, students and alumni who have made Amherst a leader in education.

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