A late-night lesson in manual typing and quill-pen writing has inspired some students to revive the lost art of old-fashioned letter writing. Read more in “Sealing Wax and Other Fancy Stuff—Like Typewriters.”

9/11’s Generational Divide
To undergraduates, it’s history, not a current event, says one professor.

Do I Need a Tie?
The first women on the Amherst faculty reflect on the challenges of joining a previously all-male club.

Economic Insights, on Deadline
A new assistant professor is a familiar name in the financial media.

Sealing Wax and Other Fancy Stuff—Like Typewriters
A late-night social inspires students to write letters the old-fashioned way—on manual typewriters and with ink on paper.

The Epic and the Russian Novel
When two professors—one of classics, the other of Russian—wrote their first book together, some critics were grateful. Others were un­sparing: “Give up the project. You’re doing a disservice to mankind.”

The Healing Power of Old Doc
Amherst had the first structured college health program in the country. Who knew?

The Students' President
In her inauguration address, President Biddy Martin saw Amherst at its best.