Winter 2011

Cover Art

Law & Order in Real Life
In the criminal justice system, the people of Manhattan were represented for half a century by one all-important Amherst man, Robert Morgenthau ’41. This is his story. By Rand Richards Cooper ’80

Stories in the Attic
Attending Amherst exactly 100 years after her great-grandfather, the author knew little about her Amherst roots—until she found boxes of string-tied notes shoved under leaky eaves.
By Tess Taylor ’00

Coming Home
Back at Amherst for the Homecoming game, an alumnus remembers tweed jackets and wooden goalposts—and discovers that dating is yet another vestige of the past. By Roger M. Williams ’56

Pauyo Plus Eight
Since last year’s earthquake in Port-au-Prince, several Amherst alumni have treated Haiti’s sick and injured. But Thierry Pauyo ’05, a Harvard medical student with deep roots in the country, was there from the beginning. By Justin Long

The legend of the stolen books—Selectivity not an end in itself—Is Amherst’s environment self-sustaining?—George Steinbrenner on Amherst football—and more

College Row
(Music) history detectives—Strange Americans—Does Europe still matter?—Eating habits of dinosaurs—What makes a monster—And more

Jeff Katz ’11 is a 6-foot-4-inch linebacker with a pro-baseball past—How to coach indoor track without an indoor track

Gay at Amherst, 1966-70

Amherst Creates
Nonfiction: A National Book Award winner sees more similarities than differences between 9/11 and Hiroshima—Poetry: Robert Bagg ’57 uses the past to shed light on the present—Music: Darryl Harper ’90 balances tradition with the avant-jazz scene—And more

Garrison Keillor sings Emily Dickinson.

Back Cover

Dead Poets and Portable Parents
A loosely defined “Dead Poets Society,” including Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Sappho, Tolstoy and Virginia Woolf, clings to the front of Professor Rick Griffiths’ desk. Queen Elizabeth I joins the crew at bottom center, and, according to Google, does meet the society’s two membership requirements. Among other items in Griffiths’ office: “Portable Parents,” novelty toys that yell, “When I was your age I had to walk to school.”

See an interactive, 360-degree view of Griffiths’ office and others on campus.