• Proof that the War is Over
    A cannon seized by the Confederacy, reclaimed by the Union and placed in an Amherst stairwell has now returned to the South. The visit is friendly.
  • Displaced from JChap
    After a pipe burst in the iconic building, pro­fessors had to set up shop somewhere else.
  • Don’t Be Cruel
    What drives us to be horrifically evil—or heroically helpful?
  • How to Pick a Leader
    Soon there will be a new chair of the Amherst Board of Trustees. Here’s how that person will be chosen.
  • Spiced-Up Val
    Valentine’s head chef, Jeremy Roush, worked with others to plant an herb garden outside the dining hall last fall.
  • Sim Holyoke
    Students create a computer simulation of the nearby “Immigrant City.”
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