Winter 2012


Queens of the Masai Mara
Tracy Montgomery ’10 spent a year observing spotted hyenas in Kenya.
Story and Photographs by Geoffrey Giller ’10


Don’t Shoot the Messengers!
Or beat, jail or intimidate them. Preventing such abuses is the objective of the Committee to Protect Journalists, a far-flung and assertive organization run by Joel Simon ’86. By Roger M. Williams ’56


Could a rare tempera painting by William Blake become the Mead Art
Museum’s Mona Lisa—a work that inspires pilgrimages and scholarship and acts as a magnet for other great art? By Emily Gold Boutilier

Greek Drama
After Antonis Samaras ’74 dislodged his former Amherst roommate, George Papandreou ’75, from the highest political office in Greece, the Class of 1974 secretary put out a call to friends who knew the leaders way back when. By James Warren ’74

The 100th anniversary issue

College Row
Richard Wilbur’s drafts, galleys and drawings—What happens when parents visit—Studying literature by the pound—The Lord Jeff reopens—And more

My Life
Dean of the Faculty Gregory S. Call

Two baseball players might get drafted—The best sports photos of the year

Vacation in absentia

Amherst Creates
Theater: Almost, Maine, by John Cariani ’91—Fiction: The Vices, by Professor Lawrence Douglas—TV: CBS’s A Gifted Man, created by Susannah Grant ’84 —History: Charles C. Mann ’76’s 1493Art: Sports and American Art, by Professor Allen Guttmann—Journal: Farm living in 1972

Art students preparing honors projects for their professors’ scrutiny had a chance to reverse the direction of that critical gaze.



“On the one hand, we’re learning a specific set of dance skills,” says Daniel Trenner, coach of the Argentine Tango Club at Amherst and a pioneer in tango’s modern revival. “On the other hand, we’re really studying something about the history of gender and the history of how men and women related to each other in civilized societies.”



Photo by Rob Mattson