• One Up on Shakespeare
    Almost, Maine, written by John Cariani ’91, has achieved stunning popularity among high school thespians.

  • Brilliant, Wily and Quietly Bold
    What at first seems a beach-read turns out to be much more.

  • Re-Redeemed
    The first episode of this new medical drama plays out like a mini-movie. But a TV show isn’t a movie, and so its story of redemption must continue indefinitely. 

  • History’s Understory
    Like the authors of such books as Cod, Salt and Banana, Charles C. Mann ’76 writes the stories of things: the Virginia forests, tobacco, rubber, silk. 

  • Sports, Illustrated
    A new volume traverses four centuries of American history, considering the imported pastimes of the Colonial era (such as cricket), the urban-centered games of the industrial revolution (such as basketball) and extreme “postmodern” sports (such as snowboarding).

  • Impersonating a Farmer
    Tired of working in conservation law, an alumnus decided to spread fertilizer and eat brown rice. 

  • Short Takes
    Recently published books
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