• Waiting for the Van
    As they sat with their luggage in Boston’s international terminal, groups of new students began their orientation to college—and to the United States.

  • About the Class of 2017
    Amherst welcomed 466 members to the new first-year class, as well as 13 new transfer students.

  • Why Social Networks Matter
    President Martin used her convocation address to counter attacks on liberal arts education.

  • Curious Professors
    The faculty continues to expand its ranks, adding 30 new members this academic year.

  • Success Against the Odds
    The Lives of Consequence campaign exceeded its goal.

  • Party Time
    The fundraising campaign ended with a campus-wide celebration.

  • Wrongful Deaths
    A real-life execution is the focus of a professor’s new opera.

  • Just Like Home
    The renovated Seligman House is meant to feel like home—if your home has an old ballroom.

  • A Year in Abu Dhabi
    This fall, readers of an Amherst-based literary magazine might notice a slight tilt to the Middle East.

  • Be a Mentor
    A new program links students with alumni.