[Research] The faculty continues to expand its ranks, adding 30 new members this academic year. The interests of these scholars include:

Brian Baisa, assistant professor of economics
  Auction Design: BRIAN BAISA, assistant professor of economics, studies game theory with a focus on auction design. He is especially interested in what economic theory can say about the ways in which goods and services are sold.

Yan Qi, assistant professor of biology
  Small RNA: YAN QI, assistant professor of biology, studies the regulatory roles of small RNAs in cellular stress response, using the nematode worm C. elegans. This semester she’s teaching a course in molecular genetics.

Nicholas Ball, assistant professor of chemistry
  Turning Pollution into Products: NICHOLAS BALL, assistant professor of chemistry, develops ways to convert air, water and ground pollutants into useful feedstocks for chemical synthesis.

Solsiree del Moral, associate professor of American and black studies
  Puerto Rican History: SOLSIREE DEL MORAL, associate professor of American studies and black studies, wrote a book about the cultural politics of schools in Puerto Rico between 1898 and 1952.

Carolyn Palmquist, assistant professor of psychology
  Pointing: CAROLYN PALMQUIST, assistant professor of psychology, studies nonverbal communication—specifically, pointing—in children.

Kerry Ratigan, assistant professor of political science
  Chinese Politics: KERRY RATIGAN, assistant professor of political science, is teaching a course this semester on power and politics in contemporary China, and another on collective action and the politics of resistance. Her current research is on health policy adoption and implementation.

Photos by Ilana Panich-Linsman and Rob Mattson