Seligman House—a dorm on Route 9 that was empty for the past three years—just reopened after a $7 million renovation and expansion.

Associate Dean of Students Allen Hart ’82 lived in the building in 1979–80, when it was Theta Delta Chi fraternity. He helped plan the renovation. “The guiding sentiments were to maintain a homey feel,” he says, “keeping as much as we could the sense of a house while also building an addition that allowed us to double the bed count.”

The renovation was the first in the building’s 80-year history.

Entrance to the renovated Seligman House

The renovated Seligman House is meant to feel like home—if your home has an old ballroom. The ground floor houses 14 and is open for Room Draw. The second floor is now a Japanese and Chinese language theme house for 19 students. Ten women live on the all-female third floor. Photo by Ilana Panich-Linsman.


An original fileplace is center to a social space area in Seligman

Distinctive features include an original fireplace and much of the original wood paneling. Students involved in the planning wanted the building to look more like a home than a dorm, says Director of Residential Life Torin Moore, and they wanted plenty of social space. Photo by Rob Mattson.


Hallway in Seligman with exposed beams and natural wood flooring

There are exposed beams and natural wood flooring. “They kept the nooks and crannies and irregularly shaped rooms,” says Dean Allen Hart. “The ballroom with a large fireplace is still intact, while adding a study space and a nice kitchen area.” Photo by Ilana Panich-Linsman.