• From Military Life to Dorm Life
    Amherst is actively recruiting veterans. What’s it like to go to college after serving in uniform?

  • Boosting Student Life
    Athletics Director Suzanne Coffey is now the chief student affairs officer.

  • Top Professor
    Historian Catherine Epstein will be the new dean of the faculty.

  • A Magnet Like No Other You’ve Seen
    In an unprecedented achievement, Amherst physicists have created a synthetic magnet with a single pole.

  • Chem Lab Cuisine
    A tome on modernist cooking inspires chemistry students to treat liquid nitrogen as fondue.

  • What Makes Us Happy
    Hint: the answer is not kids, and it’s not money.

  • Moving Up
    On the recommendation of the Committee of Six, the Board of Trustees voted in January to promote five faculty members to the position of associate professor with tenure.

  • Following the Trials
    A professor is writing about prosecutions of Nazi-era criminals, and about the case against the accused architect of the USS Cole bombing.

  • Student View
    Feeling Useless