On the recommendation of the Committee of Six, the Board of Trustees voted in January to promote five faculty members to the position of associate professor with tenure.

Sara J. Brenneis Sara J. Brenneis
Her research concerns the blending of history and fiction in contemporary Spanish literature and film. Her courses include “Violence, Art and Memory of the Spanish Civil War” and “Strange Girls: Spanish Women’s Voices.”

Jeffers Engelhardt Jeffers Engelhardt
He’s developed such courses as “Pioneer Valley Soundscapes” and “Writing Through Popular Music,” as well as seminars on the anthropology of music. His research deals broadly with music, religion, European identity and new media.

Leah Schmalzbauer Leah Schmalzbauer
Anthropology & Sociology and American Studies
She completed a six-year ethnographic study of gender and family formation among Mexican migrants in the rural mountain West. She’ll begin teaching at Amherst in the fall.

Adam Sitze Adam Sitze
Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought
Last year he published a book on South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. His courses have included “The Crisis of Neoliberal Legal Theory” and “Law Between Plato and the Poets.”

Boris Wolfson Boris Wolfson
His monograph Self and Theater in Stalinist Society is forthcoming from Northwestern University Press. He is a series editor for Academic Studies Press and teaches courses on Russian/Soviet language, culture, literature, theater and film.

Photos by Rob Mattson and Samuel Masinter ’04