Link to: Short Takes
Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05

Amherst alumni and faculty offer plenty of music and reading material for cozy autumn evenings.

Link to TV Review: Speaking Tenn
TV Review: Speaking Teen

by Josh Bell ’02

Two alumnae bonded in the writers’ room for an MTV comedy.

Link to: The Women of Wall Street
Film Review: The Women of Wall Street

by Rachel Rogol

In Hollywood’s first female-dominated depiction of corporate America, there are just as many women behind the camera as there are on screen.

Chris Galdieri
Profile: How to Launch a Theater

by Katherine Duke ’05

She was in a creative wasteland and worked to find a way out.


Link to: The Spiritual Cost of Success
Theater Review: The Spiritual Cost of Success

by Paul Steinle ’61

Ever since graduating from Amherst and earning an MFA in acting, Jiehae Park ’02 has followed a dual-skill path as actor and playwright, earning a suitcase full of prizes, fine-tuning her writing in half a dozen major workshops and staging multiple readings of her plays.