Short Takes

Make yourself comfortable in The Guest Room, by Chris Bohjalian ’82 (Doubleday). 

Turn on Songs from the Headland, by Bluebird Parade, with lead vocalist Ming Nagel ’94 (Ghost of Ruffian Records). 

Hungry? Try Eating Words: A Norton Anthology of Food Writing, by Sandra M. Gilbert and Roger J. Porter ’58 (W.W. Norton), or Pastrami on Rye: An Overstuffed History of the Jewish Deli, by Ted Merwin ’90 (NYU Press). But, Diana Ohlbaum ’84 reminds you, Ketchup Is Not a Vegetable: A Teen Guide to Conscious Eating (self-published iBook). 

Crack open A Dictionary of Literary Works, by Mike Goldman ’56 (Small Batch Books), and examine A Thickness of Particulars: The Poetry of Anthony Hecht, by Jonathan F.S. Post ’70 (Oxford University Press). Check out Doug Magee ’69’s President Blog (Reel Lies Books), as well as A Survival Guide to the Misinformation Age: Scientific Habits of Mind, by David J. Helfand ’72 (Columbia University Press).

Encounter Strangers on Familiar Soil: Rediscovering the Chile-California Connection, by Edward Dallam Melillo, associate professor of history and environmental studies (Yale University Press). Then get to know The Permanent Migrants: Modern China Explained by Mushroom Hunters, Noodle Chefs and Undercover Police, by Amos Irwin ’07 (CreateSpace). Catherine Besteman ’81 writes of Making Refuge: Somali Bantu Refugees and Lewiston, Maine (Duke University Press). 

In case money matters are on your mind, Patricia M. Angus ’86, Esq., provides The Trustee Primer: A Guide for Personal Trustees (Angus Advisory Group LLC), and David R. Martín ’84 describes Puerto Rico’s Future Entertainment Economy (CreateSpace). 

Anand Pandian ’94 shows you the Reel World: An Anthropology of Creation (Duke University Press), before Jim Balzotti ’75 brings down The Wrath of God (Creation House).