The Patriots

by Nicholas Mancusi ’10

A historian follows one Japanese-American family from Depression-era Seattle, to the internment camps, to Hiroshima.


Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05

This spring, the books bounce from Detroit to Jericho, from public housing to higher learning, and from grandfather to grandkids.

Tiny Treasures

by Rachel Rogol

An alumna’s paintings “suggest a reverse hubris, a pride in how much she can do with so little,” says one art critic.

Amherst Creates: Was Lincoln Depressed?

by Paul Statt ’78

A seasoned journalist leads an unsuspecting reader to some truths about mental illness.


Collecting Criticism

by Theodore Iacobuzio ’76

In books on music and writing, two classmates showcase Amherst’s place in American reviewing.


Behind the Scenes on Broadway

by Katherine Duke ’05