Knotty Discovery

by Rachel Rogol

A physics breakthrough in an Amherst lab represents a major step forward in understanding quantum fields. 

How to Find a Mascot

by Emily Gold Boutilier

The first job of the new student-alumni mascot committee is to create a process that’s transparent, maximizes participation and builds community.

The Economics of Poisoned Water

by Katherine Duke ’05

The lead crisis in Flint, Mich., has drawn new attention to a professor’s research.

Lessons from LitFest

Amherst’s inaugural literary festival celebrated new partnerships, great writers and the written word.

What is Home?

by Bill Sweet

Two students will travel around the world to witness the effects of political and ecological turmoil.


History on the Wall

by Emily Gold Boutilier

In the Octagon, an alumnus added new faces to a mural that has inspired many.


On Very Old Pages, Hamlet Arrives

by Caroline Hanna

Amherst is the only location in Massachusetts to host the First Folio on its cross-country tour.

Speaking Their Minds


Spring semester brought several big-name speakers to campus.Here’s what some of them had to say.

Amos Newport's Amherst Legacy

by Katherine Duke ’05

When an Atlanta woman Googled the name of her ancestor, up came an article fromAmherst magazine.