The Nazi Hunters book cover

Book Review: No Happy End

by Paul Statt ’78
If the stories of Nazi hunters have a heroic ring, they also beg for an unromantic telling.

Catastrophic Happiness book cover

Book Review: That Kind of Mother

by Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne ’01
Parenting is hard. Most parents books make it harder. This one will make you feel less alone.

The Life of the World to Come book cover

Interview: Not a Great Love Story

by Nicholas Mancusi ’10
A former Obama administration speechwriter wrote a novel.


TV Review: The Legacy of Anita Hill

by Josh Bell ’02
HBO takes on the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.


Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05
Whether you need a doctor, a translator or a financial adviser, Amherst alumni and faculty have got you covered.

David Rimmer ’71

Transferring In

by Katherine Duke ’05
A local townsperson wanders into reunion weekend at a small college, falls in love with the wife of a ’71 alum, and keeps coming back to the reunion over the next 75 years.