Book Review: No Happy End

by Paul Statt ’78
If the stories of Nazi hunters have a heroic ring, they also beg for an unromantic telling.

Book Review: That Kind of Mother

by Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne ’01
Parenting is hard. Most parents books make it harder. This one will make you feel less alone.

Interview: Not a Great Love Story

by Nicholas Mancusi ’10
A former Obama administration speechwriter wrote a novel.

TV Review: The Legacy of Anita Hill

by Josh Bell ’02
HBO takes on the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.


Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05
Whether you need a doctor, a translator or a financial adviser, Amherst alumni and faculty have got you covered.

Transferring In

by Katherine Duke ’05
A local townsperson wanders into reunion weekend at a small college, falls in love with the wife of a ’71 alum, and keeps coming back to the reunion over the next 75 years.