The Real National Pastime

by Rand Richards Cooper ’80

In the 1990s, did a preoccupation with sex lay the 
groundwork for today?

Illustration of Gorbachev by Rebecca Clarke

Ideals Man

by Paul Statt ’78

Gorbachev boldly made his own history, but certainly not just as he pleased.

An Old Crime, a New Opera

by Rachel Rogol

Two Amherst professors teamed up with students and professional actors to dramatize the true, local story of a Smith faculty member’s arrest.

Authentically Fake

by Josh Bell ’02

What if Sylvester Stallone were a proud Romanian communist? The result would be something like this buddy-cop parody.

Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05

SIT! STAY! And dog-ear these pages from Amherst alumni.

Becoming the Grand Old Man

by Tess Taylor ’00

What made Richard Wilbur ’42 the 
poet he was?