Lucky Soprano

by Rachel Rogol

It’s her “bright, vibrant” voice that earns accolades, but as with any job, it helps to be in the right place at the right time.


Kids Today

by Phoebe Yeh ’84

By August, parents and caregivers are thinking about back-to-school reading. Some are wracking their brains, trying to entice a reluctant reader to crack open a book.


Radio for Readers

by Katherine Duke ’05

As an Amherst student, Petra Mayer ’96 signed on as chief engineer for WAMH, the College’s radio station. This led into a summer gig as an engineering assistant at National Public Radio, and then into journalism and nearly a decade as one of NPR’s live broadcast directors. 


Seven Views for Seven Lovers

by Josh Bell ’02

With every person I meet, I’m a little different,” says Laura (Good Girls Revolt’s Erin Darke) near the beginning of Seven Lovers. It’s not just Laura who’s different: the movie itself takes on a different aesthetic for each of Laura’s titular seven lovers, as it tells a fractured version of her romantic history.


Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05

From East to West and bachelors to Baby Boomers, Amherst authors will take you a long way this summer.



Escaping Spain

by Bill Sweet

In 1937 a group of child refugees, fleeing the Spanish Civil War, arrived in Mexico. Their story—one little known to English-speaking audiences—strikes close to home for Destry Sibley ’09, because she first heard it from her grandmother.