The Ewings of Romania

by Josh Bell '02

The nighttime soap Dallas was among the few bits of American pop culture to legally make it to Cold War-era Romania. A new film, Hotel Dallas, written and directed by Sherng-Lee Huang ’02 and Livia Ungur, explores the show's lasting influence.

Settings Words Free

by Nicholas Mancusi '10 

In 1897, a 20-page experiment overturned almost every established poetical precept. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with Stéphane Mallarmé, French poet of the Belle Époque, and his seminal experimental poem “One Toss of the Dice Will Never Abolish Chance...” 

Bowie, 1974

Photographs by Steve Schapiro '55

In 1974 David Bowie’s manager invited photographer Steve Schapiro ’55 to a private shoot with the pop star in Los Angeles. It lasted until dawn...

It Gets the Job Done

Book review by Paul Statt '78 

Pride and curiosity,” Montaigne wrote, “are the two scourges of our souls. The latter prompts us to poke our noses into everything, and the former forbids us to leave anything unresolved.”

Lessons From Lady Godiva

by Rachel Rogol

Art has long been a vehicle for protest, says Adam Vine ’01. By way of explanation, he cites the 13th-century legend of Lady Godiva. In riding naked on horseback through the streets of Coventry in demonstration against taxes imposed by her husband, the English noblewoman exemplified the idea of performance as protest.

Poetry's Musical Notes

by Katherine Duke '05

For composer Paul Salerni ’73, inspiration for two recent song cycles came from the pages of this very magazine.


Short Takes

by Katherine Duke '05

Wintertime is storytime. Settle in for a flurry of new tales from Amherst authors.