H. Bruce Franklin ’55

Dispiriting Times

by Paul Statt ’78

A historian’s latest work is reminiscent of the first American memoir, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

J. M. Holmes ’12

Uniquely American

Reviewed by Nicholas Mancusi ’10

A debut story collection follows four young men in Pawtucket, R.I.

Illustration of various people sitting and reading by Eva Bee

Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05

“Cupcake.” “Saint.” “Unruly Heart.” “Little Angel.” “Little Creep.” How do these Amherst authors know our nicknames?

Author Lauren Groff

Not So Sunny

by Rand Richards Cooper ’80

In her new story collection, an acclaimed novelist imagines “an Eden of dangerous things.”

Maken Onjerika ’10

Until It's Just Right

interview by Emily Gold Boutilier

A writer talks about her one great regret, the dangers of self-doubt and the big prize she just won.