Illustration by John S. Dykes

Funny Fairfield

by Rand Richards Cooper ’80

A quietly rapturous book evokes the cartoonist—and father—behind Prince Valiant.

Illustration of David Chen by Lorenzo Gritti
Screen Talk

by Josh Bell ’02

An LJST major was ahead of the curve in using podcasts to analyze movies and TV. He still is.

Chelsea Cutler ’19
Songs Not Papers

by Simone Solondz

 A history major leaves Amherst to pursue electronic dance music full-time.

Jessica Bruder standing on top of her van
Driven Away

by Nicholas Mancusi ’10

A journalist immerses herself in the lives of older Americans forced to live on the road in order to survive the new economy.

Illustration by Jenny Kroik
Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05

Some summer days, all you need to get by are music, TV,  arts and crafts. Other times it takes a little grace, hope, compassion and resilience. Whatever you seek, Amherst authors will help you find it.

JFK speaking at Amherst College on October 26, 1963
The Speech That Shaped Their Lives

by Naomi Shulman

Their 50th reunion inspired ’64 alumni to make a film about a certain president’s visit to campus. It began airing on public television this month.