Dakota Foster

Foreign Service

by Bill Sweet

Dakota Foster ’18 hopes to become national security adviser. But first she’ll be a Marshall Scholar.

Thought Leadership
Thought Leader

by Bill Sweet

What does “peer review” mean? Amherst College Press, in an effort to standardize the term, may actually change the market.

Professor David Hanneke
Create Your Own Adventure

by Rachael Hanley

With pendulums, Slinkys and flippers, students tested their knowledge.

A Next-Gen program on the Amherst College campus
Finding Family

by Caroline Hanna

An intensive first-gen program teaches students they’re not alone.

Scanning archival material
Scanning the Amherst of Old

by Bill Sweet

History in its rawest form is things people leave behind. In preparation for the College’s 2021 bicentennial, Frost Library is digitally preserving—and making public—what Amherst of old left behind.

Professor Nicola Courtright
Queen of Arts

by Rachel Rogol

How the Louvre and Luxembourg Palace reshaped gender roles in France.

Professor Paul Schroeder Rodriguez
A Wider Lens: Q&A with Paul A. Schroeder Rodríguez

by Emily Gold Boutilier

His book Latin American Cinema: A Comparative History is the first to explore all the major cinematic periods in the region, from silent to digital. 

Image from The Ballad of Lefty Brown
Leaving L.A., Loving Montana

by Katharine Whittemore

An Amherst sociologist did a big study in Big Sky country. Turns out migrants may thrive more in rural areas than urban ones.

Expert Advice
Expert Advice: Star Power - Times for Effective Speaking

by Susan Daniels

During my years as an actor, director and theater producer, I noticed that what professional actors do to relax, focus and engage are the same skills public speakers could use to turn their talks from boring readings into dynamic performances.