A man with a mustache poising for a photo
In Pursuit of Perception

by Amity Gaige

Some literary novels make obligatory gestures at plot; this one soaks in it.

A black and white portrait of a woman in front of a bookcase
Knowing with a Capital K

by Makena Onjerika ’10

Has fiction dissected every possible unhappiness in a marriage? A debut novel suggests not yet.

An illustration of a person reading under a tent next to campfire
Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05

Satan’s pulpit. Strange attractors. Death can delight, In the still of the night. A spooky Halloween poem? Nope—the latest books by Amherst authors.

An illustration of a man leaning over another man writing at a desk

by Howell Chickering

Robert-Louis Abrahamson ’71 delves into essays by his namesake, the Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson.

An older man on stage reading from a large book
Turn Around, Bright Eyes: The Original

by William Sweet

The story behind a senior-year project—and its revival 50 years later.