Illustration by GREG CLARKE

Go out In Search of Humor: Literary Essays & Reviews, by William H. Pritchard ’53, the Henry Clay Folger Professor of English, Emeritus (Impress). Follow The Gallatin Way to Yellowstone, by Duncan T. Patten ’56 (The History Press). Crossing your path may be The Black Cats of Amherst, by Jim Hamilton ’78 (Green Harbor Publications).

Gaze into the distant and recent linguistic past as Michael Robbins ’55 brings you to Consciousness, Language and Self: Psychoanalytic, Linguistic and Anthropological Explorations of the Dual Nature of Mind (Routledge) and Daniel Shore ’02 introduces Cyberformalism: Histories of Linguistic Forms in the Digital Archive (Johns Hopkins University Press). Stay in the digital realm with Custodians of the Internet: Platforms, Content Moderation, and the Hidden Decisions That Shape Social Media, by Tarleton Gillespie ’94 (Yale University Press).

John J. Geoghegan ’79 is Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: A True Story of Love, Hearing Loss, Heartbreak and Redemption (New Haven Publishing). Arlene Stein ’80 comes Unbound: Transgender Men and the Remaking of Identity (Pantheon).

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong ’77 reminds you to Think Again: How to Reason and Argue (Oxford University Press). Indeed, says J. Stuart Ablon ’92, things are Changeable: How Collaborative Problem Solving Changes Lives at Home, at School, and at Work (TarcherPerigee). With co-author Alisha R. Pollastri, Ablon also advocates for The School Discipline Fix: Changing Behavior Using the Collaborative Problem Solving Approach (Norton).

Steven Luria Ablon ’63, M.D.—Stuart’s father—invites you to Dinner in the Garden (CreateSpace), seasoned with Sweet Marjoram: Notes and Essays, by DeWitt Henry ’63 (MadHat Press).