This Is How to Take Science Seriously

by Rachael Hanley

The grand opening of the College's new Science Center engaged students, faculty, staff and visitors with the wonders of science.

Cruise Director

by Rachael Hanley

Jess Martin, administrative director of the College’s new Science Center, prepares for the building's grand opening.

Because Everyone Loves the Sky

by Rachael Hanley

Kate Follette, assistant professor of astronomy, is engaging students with a new observatory, which opened in the Science Center this fall.

More than a Monster

by Katherine Duke ’05

A course co-taught at Amherst and Smith celebrates 200 years of Frankenstein.


Q&A: Assistant Professor Jakina Debnam

by Bill Sweet

One of three new faculty members in the economics department, Jakina Debnam studies the impact of economic policies and events on human thriving.

Over There, Over Here

by Katharine Whittemore

A look at the stories of three Amherst College alumni who served in World War I.

The Same View

by Rachel Rogol

An exhibition in Frost featured work by scientific illustrator Orra White Hitchcock and Senior Resident Artist David Gloman that depict the same landscapes roughly 175 years apart.

A Major Theme

by Katharine Whittemore

After decades of students pursuing a concentration within the major by the traditional geography, Amherst College history majors can now choose among new thematic concentrations as well.