An illustration of two hands reaching out through a window filled with letters
Save the Syllabus

by Katharine Whittemore

Making over a tired standby

A man and woman talking to each other on stage
When Educated Met The Privileged Poor

by Katharine Whittemore

Tara Westover and Anthony A. Jack ’07 talk trajectories

An illustration of a child sitting and playing with toys
Make the Most of Playtime

by Carrie Palmquist, assistant professor of psychology

Professor Palmquist outlines a few things to consider when playing with children.

A bearded man in a suit teaching in a classroom
Head Humanist

by Mary Elizabeth Strunk

And what it’s like to return to Amherst to teach

A close up of a group of mushroom spores
Fungi Wise

by Bill Sweet

Why students are learning to forage