A photo of a young man in glasses
Escaping Mississippi

by Makena Onjerika ’10

This novel is an explosion in very slow motion.

Two people aboard a futuristic spaceship
Proving Grounds

by Josh Bell ’02

How two alumni used crowdfunding to bring their sci-fi shorts to fruition.

An illustration of a tree with book pages as leaves
Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05

Music, poetry, film theory, religion, biology, economics, cat puns… Amherst alumni and faculty have all the major disciplines covered this summer.

A person walking across a brightly lite, neon stage
Screen Set

by Katherine Duke ’05

On huge LED displays, this creative director built a novel design system for an Emmy-winning series.

A photo of a woman in a blue dress with glasses
Skills for Someday Soon

by Katherine Duke ’05

For kids, a book of illustrated tips on tipping, knot-tying, pet-caring and more, to sidestep parental nagging.

A black and white photo of women from the early 1900s
Votes for Women

by Robyn Bahr ’10

The complicated, precarious struggle to ratify the 19th amendment.