An illustration of a camouflaged typewriter surrounded by parachutes
Four New Views of World War II

by Nicholas Mancusi ’10

Two books reconsider stories well-known to history, and two more illuminate stories largely unknown to U.S. readers.

A portrait photo of a cute brown puppy
Pup Art

by Katharine Whittemore

Annie Ballantine ’87 makes soulful portraits of animals.

An illustration of a large book decorated with trees
Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05

Season’s readings from Amherst alumni and faculty!

A photo of a woman with red earrings
Small Hopes

by Makena Onjerika ’10

In this debut novel, a young couple wants so desperately that the wanting turns them inside out.

A book cover titled "The Last Space Race" with a man in the desert
While Aliens Loom

by Josh Bell ’02

A mysterious ship appears in our solar system. What happens next?