An illustration of a family with suns as faces
This Is a Genius Book

by Nicholas Mancusi ’10

Why and how do some people achieve greatness?

An illustration of two hands with long, tangled fingers typing on a typewriter
Li Po Is Not Lipo

by William H. Pritchard ’53

In 48 poems, an alumnus writes about childhood, religion, loss—and typos.

A man in glasses with a beard and short hair
The Mafia Doc

by Josh Bell ’02

It’s the 1930s, and no one will hire a Black M.D.—except for the mob. An alumnus tells his grandfather’s story.

An illustration of people tending plants around a large book
Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05

In three critically acclaimed books of poetry—two of which are debut collections—Amherst alumnae take us from the waiting room to the afterlife, with a detour through rural Kentucky in between.

An older man in glasses behind paint splatters and a cube
Essays from a “Tense, Interior Person”

by Rand Richards Cooper ’80

At age 80, the Ploughshares co-founder shares his life’s regrets and joys.