An illustration of a man conducting with musical notes swirling around him Conducting in Exile

by Josh Bell ’02

Music is at the center of this political documentary.

A comic book still of a masked superhero emerging from green slime Reinventing Doctor Strange

by Josh Bell ’02

In the ’90s, ambitious creative ideas met the limitations of mainstream superhero comics.

An illustration of a woman doing a yoga pose on a mountaintop surrounded by floating books Short Takes

by Katherine Duke ’05

Wake up, let in the light and get a new perspective on the universe with these religion-themed books.

A Native American woman kneeling next to a bed Swept Up in Dark Winds

by Katherine Duke ’05

This “Navajo noir” has multiple Amherst connections.

An illustration of various city landmarks and an airplane flying overhead Smooth Landing

by Nicholas Mancusi ’10

A pilot’s remarkable second memoir explores his adventures on the ground.