It appears that my Winter 2019 Contest using the letters A, M, H, E, R, S and T to create words was popular. Stearns is another Amherst-related word whose letters can create many other words. I lived in Stearns Hall during my freshman year. Here is your next challenge: Using only the seven letters S, T, E, A, R, N and S; using none of them more than once in each word, other than S, which can be used twice; and using no online solving tools, create as many words as you can that contain at least four letters.

Your Challenge

Send your word list to or mail it to Amherst magazine, Box 5000, Amherst MA 01002.
We’ll publish the longest list in the next issue, and its author will win an Amherst T-shirt.

Illustration by Aya Kakeda

Last Quarter's Solution

Thank you to all who entered the Winter 2022 crossword challenge. The winner, chosen at random from the correct entries, is Emma Swislow ’20, who will receive an Amherst T-shirt.

A completed crossword puzzle