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Feature Articles

An illustration of a woman and dog at a checkpoint with a guard blocking the way

The Dots Were All There.

One of the last American journalists in Moscow recounts how she—and her dog—escaped Russia as Putin’s new iron curtain fell.

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Past Is Present

How Professor
 Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint 
became her 
ancestors’ storyteller.

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The Many Years of William Webster ’45

From Miranda to Hinckley, Iran to L.A., his story overlaps with multiple turning points in the 20th century.

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Community News

The Book of Hope, triumphs for two coaches, farewell notes to President Biddy Martin, the nation’s mental health crisis, and more

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Amherst Creates

Fiction: The Memoirs of Stockholm Sven; Film: Joey Ally ’07 writes, directs and stars in The Hater; Studio Art: Honors thesis students display their work; Short Takes: Two first book  and a First book