A large circle of ice in a drill
As Good as a Time Machine

by Caroline Hanna

This ice holds our climate history

A photo of Solsiree del Moral
“For Historians, That Is Like Magic”

interview by Carla Diaz ’13

Finding gold in meeting minutes

An illustration of a man surrounded by books
Fresh Arrivals

Here’s what the new professors are teaching

An illustration of a hot air balloon with letters on the balloons
So Long, C and Q

by Katharine Whittemore

And other prophecies

A photo of a woman wearing a mask and talking in a classroom
One Hour in Anthro 245

by Katharine Whittemore

Meet the first Presidential Scholar

A older man holding up a black and white photo
Now Hear Their Stories

by Katherine Duke ’05

Vietnam vets and U.S. Chinatowns

An ornate building column
A Chapel Tale

An excerpt from Amherst College: The Campus Guide, by architecture critic Blair Kamin ’79

A quick architectural tour

A t-shirt, a hoodie and two tote bags
Dentes Elevent!

by Katharine Whittemore

Latin to the rescue

Biddy Martin riding a horse through the Amherst College quad
This Is How to Celebrate a Big Birthday

Fireworks and a show