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The newest tenure-line faculty members have teaching and research interests that range from rocks deep within the Earth’s crust and mantle, to slavery in antebellum Massachusetts, to intersections between artificial intelligence and the liberal arts. Here is the title of one course that each is teaching this academic year.

The Age of Jim Crow

Associate Professor Elizabeth Herbin-Triant

Black History of Spanish America, 1503-1886

Associate Professor Russell Lohse

Rap, Reagan and the 1980s

Professor Stefan Bradley

Fiction Writing II: Moving Beyond Plot

Assistant Professor Thirii Myint

The Indian Ocean World

Assistant Professor Mekhola Gomes

Organic Chemistry I

Assistant Professor Ren Wiscons

Feminist Approaches to COVID-19

Professor Katrina Karkazis and Assistant Professor Christine Peralta

Ring of Fire: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Devastation

Assistant Professor Rachel Bernard

Seminar in Computer Science: Evolutionary Computation

Professor Lee Spector

Illustration by Fernando Cobelo