“The Lady Cross, or Not?”

A photo of a crossword puzzle
This crossword puzzle offers a decidedly local theme. As you sample Fancy restaurant offerings (41-Across) and consider A poacher getting eaten by a lion (15-Across), we hope you’ll exclaim, “Ah, that makes sense” (12-Down) while you Smile in a big way (36-Down).

Your Challenge

Download a PDF of the crossword from the link below. Send a scan or photo of your completed puzzle to magazine@amherst.edu or mail it to Amherst magazine, Box 5000, Amherst MA 01002.

From the correct entries, we’ll randomly select one winner to win an Amherst T-shirt.

Mahnken is a chemistry teacher at Amherst Regional High School. Originally from Bellevue, Wash., he has been writing crossword puzzles in his free time since 2017. He’s had several appear in The New York Times. This is his second for Amherst magazine.

Illustration by Marc Rosenthal

An illustration of a woman rising out of a crossword puzzle

“The Lady Cross, or Not?” PDF

Download a PDF copy of the crossword to complete offline. When completed, send us a copy via scan/fax, photo or mail for a chance to win an Amherst T-shirt