The Amherst Mixer

Download the PDF below and fill in the answers to the clues...

This crossword puzzle contains hidden challenges for new and experienced solvers alike. First, look for the four answers that are all anagrams of one another. Next, for a bonus challenge, look for a seven-letter adjective hiding in the grid, using this hint: All my exes connected at the Amherst mixer. Put on your detective hat to unearth this mystery word.

Yoon is a reference librarian and lecturer in law at Columbia Law School, as well as an amateur crossword constructor whose puzzles have appeared in The New York Times.

A crossword puzzle

Amherst Mixer PDF

Download a PDF of the Amherst Mixer puzzle, fill it out, and send it in using the instructions below.

Your Challenge

Send an image of your completed puzzle to or mail this page to Amherst magazine, Box 5000, Amherst MA 01002. From the correct entries, we’ll randomly select one person to win an Amherst T-shirt.

Bonus Challenge

In addition to the above, find the seven-letter mystery word hiding in the grid, for a chance to win an Amherst sweatshirt.

Last Quarter’s Contest

The completed grid of the acrostic challenge reveals this quotation:

It’s so hard to be self-disciplined working from home. The closest I have to a boss is Netflix. When it asks me, “Are you still watching?,” of course I’m still watching. I’m never not watching. Stop micromanaging me. I’m your best employee. I take all your suggestions.

The first letters of the numbered answers reveal the quotation’s author: Aparna Nancherla [’05E], comedian.

Our winner, Kate Finnerty ’19, says, “I didn’t realize she’s an Amherst alum!”