An Amherst Acrostic

Download the PDF below and fill in the answers to the clues...

Then transfer each letter to the matching numbered square in the grid. Black squares mark spaces between words. The filled-in grid, read horizontally, will reveal a quotation by an Amherst alum. The first letters of the answers below will create an acrostic giving the alum’s name and occupation.

A screenshot of a crossword puzzle

Amherst Acrostic PDF

Download a PDF of the Amherst acrostic puzzle, fill it out, and send it in using the instructions below.

Your Challenge

Send an image of your completed puzzle to or mail this page to Amherst magazine, Box 5000, Amherst MA 01002. From the correct entries, we’ll randomly select one person to win an Amherst T-shirt.

Last Quarter’s Contest

An illustartion of a man in a restaurant with half of a whale on the table
Congratulations to Jean Consolla, a 1988 Smith alumna and the winner of our Fall 2022 anagram challenge. She attended Amherst in 1986–87 as part of the Twelve College Exchange: “I applied on a whim during my sophomore year and loved it! I’m still friends with some of the people I met there.” Now an elementary school principal in Alexandria, Va., she wins an Amherst T-shirt.

Illustration by Marc Rosenthal

Here are the answers to the challenge:

  1. Glucose Hotel: South College
  2. Last Mirth Parlor: Morris Pratt Hall
  3. Half-Whaler Eatery: Fayerweather Hall
  4. Amused Emu Mart: Mead Art Museum
  5. Lightened Vanilla Inn: Valentine Dining Hall