FiddleBrix is a word game that I devised, and that Sasha Joseph ’08 and others brought to life in app form for iOS, Android and other systems. The game is free to download, free to play and free of ads.

For those who have played KenKen, which has digits in each row and column and arithmetic in each region, FiddleBrix is its word game cousin: There are letters to form words in each row and column, and anagrams in each region.

The rules are as follows: The locked letters cannot be moved, and a letter bank contains the letters that need to be moved. Each letter placed in a colored region of the grid also appears in the corresponding colored anagram area. A solved puzzle is one that has every row and every column forming a word, and every colored region anagrammed into a word.

For example, consider the following completed FiddleBrix puzzle:

A puzzle with a grid of boxes with letters in some of the boxes

Your Challenge

Use the letters in the bank to complete the 4x4 grid and three colored regions. Send a photo of your work to, or mail it to Amherst magazine, Box 5000, Amherst MA 01002. From the correct entries, we’ll pick one winner to receive an Amherst T-shirt.

A grid of small squares with letters spread throughout

KenKen’s Cousin PDF

Download a PDF of the KenKen’s Cousin puzzle, fill it out, and send it in using the instructions above.

Last Quarter’s Winner

We hope you enjoyed these puzzles! Thanks and kudos to all who submitted correct entries. From among you, Katie Galie ’95 has been randomly selected to receive an Amherst T-shirt.