When Amit Gupta Needed You
In search of a bone marrow donor, this entrepreneur from the Class of ’04E turned to social media.
By Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne ’01


How Title IX Changed Everything
Five female athletes from various generations talk about what the landmark legislation did for them and for the college.
Interview by Emily Gold Boutilier


An Interview With the New Board Chair
Cullen Murphy ’74, the new chair of the Amherst board of trustees, discusses the challenges to come and what he brings to the table as an author and editor.
Interview by Emily Gold Boutilier


“Now That We Are In It”
Pulitzer winner Richard Wilbur ’42 wrote some of the most enduring war poems of the Greatest Generation, but first he discovered his prose style—and the love of his life—while at Amherst. A window into Wilbur’s college years—and into Amherst before the war.
By Robert Bagg ’57



College Row
Make me the perfect match—Remembering Professor Pitkin—All about Commencement 2012—Ancient Greek hair braiding—And more

Amherst: steward of hope

Amherst Creates
Documentary: First Position, by Bess Kargman ’04 —Food: Dinner: A Love Story, by Jenny Rosenstrach ’93—Nonfiction: John Waters: Interviews, by James Egan ’72—Short Takes—And more

Lives of Consequence: Creating Connections
A special supplement to Amherst magazine

Class Notes
Class Notes and In Memory pieces (password required)

Sad but satisfying

Brick by brick, workers have demolished Davis Dormitory, one of the “social dorms” built in the 1960s, to make way for the new science center. Davis was home to more than 2,000 students over the decades—along with plenty of… let’s just call it, “frivolity.” In addition to memories, one former resident (apparently in the right place at the right time) took away “blue stone from the fire escapes on the end of the building.” As he posted on Facebook, “I am using it in a patio/fire pit project. I will always have a little piece of my old dorm right behind my house.”

Photo by Rob Mattson