Amherst Magazine: Winter 2013


The Great Growth Spurt
By Katherine Duke ’05
A wave of retirements and a call for a larger faculty mean that by 2018, more than a third of the college’s tenured and tenure-track professors will have arrived since 2010.


Librarians Will Lead the Revolution
By Emily Gold Boutilier
Very few people have access to good research, good information and good literature. Has Amherst just found a solution?

Scar Tissue
Photographs by Justin Kimball
A photography pro­fes­sor and his auctioneer brother, Douglas, went into the homes of people who’d died or left, looking for evidence of humanity.


Meditations on War and Circumstance
By Jacob Worrell ’12E
When part of a con­voy on patrol in Iraq, some­times it’s better to be lucky than good.



College Row
Finally, a woman’s portrait for JChap - Why you shouldn’t text while you walk - Report on sexual misconduct suggests changes - And more

The swim team has one of the top-ranked junior triathletes in the country

Beyond Campus
Travel: Francis Tapon ’92 aims to visit every country in the world - Law: Page Ulrey ’86 prosecutes horrific cases of elder abuse - Social Action: Can the violin be a tool for change?

Point of View
The Reunion Crasher: Sue Dickman ’89 still feels attached to the class she left behind.

Amherst Creates
Comic book: Walter Simonson ’68 gives roles to Jesus and Batman - Film: David O. Russell ’81E’s Silver Linings Playbook - Graphic novel: Professor Stavans, P.I. - Politics: Chris Lehane ’90 on damage control

Remember When
Bacchanalia, March 1967