Zuhdo Jusufovich (d. 2011)

Amherst College notes the passing of Zuhdo Jusufovich on Friday, Sept. 16, 2011. Jusufovich came to Amherst in 2003 and worked as a custodian up until the time of his death. Before coming to the college, he had worked as an electrician and a teacher. He is survived by his son, Elvedin.

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Angelo Vassallo (1947–2011)

Amherst College notes the passing of Angelo Vassallo on April 18, 2011. Vassallo came to the College in 1981 and worked  as a custodian until his retirement in 2010. Vassallo also filled in other areas across campus, as a mail clerk, as a caretaker in Athletics, as a groundskeeper and as a truck driver. Vassallo was also an honorary member of the Class of 2004. 


Theodore Cross '46 (1924–2010)

Amherst College notes the passing of Theodore Cross '46, a life trustee of Amherst College and the grandfather of two current students. Cross, who passed away Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010, was the editor of The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education and a renowned photographer. A memorial service tentatively scheduled for April 9  in the Princeton University Chapel.

James M. Mullins III (d. 2009)

Amherst Colleges notes the passing of James Marcus Mullins III. Mullins, the son of Physical Education Department Coordinator Pamela Guyott, passed away unexpectedly at Brigham and Women’s Hospital on Sunday December 13, 2009 following surgery. He is survived by his wife Sarah (Lapuc) Mullins and his two children James Patrick and Peyton.

Rosamund Wills (1920–2009)

Amherst College notes the passing of Rosamund Wills of Ludlow, Mass. on Friday, December 4, 2009. Wills first came to the college in 1962 and worked for seven years as a maid. In 1969, she became a server in Dining Services and also worked at the snack bar. The next year, she made the transition to clerical work and became a  specialist in the  Office of Administrative Services. She continued in this position until her retirement in 1982. She is survived by a son, Albert Wills, and daughters, Peggy McKenna, Helen R. Foss, Susan Williams and Belinda Barrus.

Elizabeth M. Meakim (1917–2009)

Amherst College notes the passing of Elizabeth M. Meakim on November 30, 2009. Meakim worked for Amherst from 1937 until her retirement in 1982. In 1937, Meakim worked as secretary in the Fraternity Business Office. In 1953, she worked in both the Alumni Office and the Treasurer's and Comptroller's office. In 1957, she became the Assistant Treasurer's Administrative Secretary and in 1977, the Comptroller's Administrative Secretary. She remained in that position until she retired in 1982.