April 19, 2001
Director of Media Relations

AMHERST, Mass. - The Students of Mixed Heritage at Amherst College (SMHAC) will present a multimedia display of "The Growing Multicultural World," in the Keefe Campus Center Atrium from Sunday, April 22 to Sunday, April 29. The Campus Center is open daily from 9 a.m. until 2 a.m.; admission is free.

This display of biographical sketches, photographs, statistics, and literature about people of mixed race, culture and ethnicity at Amherst College, and also in the mass media, is designed to help bring about a greater awareness and understanding of the mixed heritage experience.

Jasmine E. Lee, an Amherst College junior who chairs the SMHAC, says that "the photographs should attract people, but then we hope they learn something by reading the words."