November 22, 2005
Director of Media Relations

AMHERST, Mass.—Susan Snively, the director of the Writing Center and associate dean of students at Amherst College, will publish a poem in the popular online anthology of contemporary poetry in print Poetry Daily on Dec. 3. The poem, “A Riff of Zoloft,” appeared in her new book of poems, Skeptic Traveler (2005), and in the fall issue of The Antioch Review.

Skeptic Traveler explores Snively's travels through the United States and Europe in accessible and artful verse. William Pritchard wrote, “ Skeptic Traveler is a collection graced by intelligence, wit, and also by a feeling heart. Susan Snively's skepticism, whether exercised in traveling to other countries, to her familial past, or to the nooks and crannies of a complicated present, is a humane one.” Richard Wilbur described Snively's work as “clean-cut, fluent, witty, direct, full of personality and surprise. [She] can also be deeply meditative, grave and affecting, uproarious.”

Snively is a graduate of Smith College and received M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Boston University. She has been writing and teaching at Amherst College since 1981. In addition to her newest release, Snively has published several books of poetry, including From This Distance (1981), Voices in the House (1988) and The Undertow (1998).